07 April, 2006

Does Kansas suck that much?

Kansas was a vast empty plain of grasslands. Then white people came to the east coast and built cities, universities, roads, bridges on land they stole from the Native Americans.

Well, the Native Americans just took some horses, guns, and scalps and moved west. The displaced tribes, you know those who didn't die from small pox infestted blankets, of the east came together to create an entirely new nomadic plains culture (see John Wayne movies).

Well, the whiteman couldn't contain themselves and they followed, possibly in search of dream catchers to hang from the rear view mirror or their covered wagons. They took land, then gave it back, as a favor? And grew shit loads of corn, too much corn. Way too much corn.

Now, like then, they are trying to give the land away! Free fucking land, when a townhouse in Asbury Park is going for over $1million. WTF? Does Kansas suck that much? I would think that it does. Miles of empty nothingness and then, WHAM! A house lifting thunderstorm.

Anyway, the fine politicans of Kansas are hoping that by giving land away to people who want to build homes and start businesses in a place free from corruption and most likely evolution.

Here's the best part: Kansas is a hardcore red state, you rule of the free market blah blah blah. Well the Pols know their state sucks ass so they are funding massive public imporvements unimaginable: cable tv, internet, parks, health clubs...ON TAX DOLLARS. WTF again.





    By Blogger COMMENT_POLICE, at 07 April, 2006 19:12  

  • If you were to move to the major cities of Kansas where the colleges are located, Manhattan, Topeka and thats probably it, it would not be so bad. I would think they would be bastions of reason in a sea of ignorance, and maybe even have a decent book store or two. But I am not going because Kansas lacks a few things I could not live without, mainly diners, beaches, hockey, and good pizza.

    By Blogger meursault, at 07 April, 2006 19:30  

  • The university towns of Kansas are only bastions of reason and enlightenment in comparison with the rest of that benighted state.
    The giving away of land may «save» Kansas if progressive-minded people choose to locate there and improve it. A fine parallel example would be California, once a «red state»; with an influx of progressive-minded people, she has joined the enlightened states, a Republican governor notwithstanding. A. Schwarzenegger will stand for reelection and be easily defeated by a progressive Democratic candidate. One can only hope for a similar future for Kansas.

    By Blogger The Big Professor, at 07 April, 2006 20:02  



    By Blogger COMMENT_POLICE, at 10 April, 2006 14:35  

  • hahaha! You guys make me laugh!
    I live in Kansas. Wichita, Kansas to be more exact a university city the bigget population based in Kansas. The scene here is so good, and we really don't care what you think. HAHAHAHAHA! oh yeah and fuck republicans!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 October, 2008 13:29  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 October, 2008 23:24  

  • wow you uys are dumb its people that are ignorant not kansans ha wow theres to many prejudice today

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 January, 2009 09:41  

  • You are all a bunch of liberal fucking idiots. Just because being "progressive" sounds cool and hip, doesn't mean you're right. All it definitely means is that you are a hypocrite in the fact that you discriminate against half of the people in the country and the world for that matter, even though you preach and swear by toleration. The sooner you progressives stop smelling your own shit's and thinking it's roses and realize that you're are actually worse than those "redneck, hardworking, country, dumb-folk" because at least they live their way of life and stick to it and aren't hypocrite loving hippies. Fuck liberals, fuck progressives, you people are pussies.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 March, 2009 23:35  

  • HELP ME CALL 911

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 March, 2009 13:42  

  • fuck kansas!!!!!
    this is all Cali bitch!!!!
    aint nothin like this cali weed, you cant get it like this anywhere else! plus the bitches are bomb!!!! get ur ass out of that redneck fukin state of yours and start having some real fun, you fucken pussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 March, 2009 13:47  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 March, 2009 13:49  

  • Kansas deserves Larry "widestance" Craig to be its Senator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 August, 2009 02:13  

  • Fuck whoever fucks Kansas

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 August, 2009 21:55  

  • hey Cali bitch...Kansas is the breadbasket of the world...and we grow some badass bud out in the bean fields..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 September, 2009 21:49  

  • i live in kc and everything here sucks except the fire kc buds .. just as fire as cali buds

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 January, 2010 23:04  

  • From what I have heard yes. There is nothing there. It's more for the nature type person, kind of like when I landed in Iceland to catch a flight to Frankfurt there was nothing in Iceland but dirt and occasionally a house or 2. But don't take my word on it I'm from New York City everything seems smaller to me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 April, 2010 22:17  

  • Keep up the good work. The more you bad talk kansas the more the faggits and liberals will start to leave.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 April, 2010 11:58  

  • You people are pathetic. Dont you have something better to do in you lives then bash on kansas? I live in kansas and Im pretty dam happy here. Most of you people bashing on kansas havent even been here and are just dumb as pot smoking stoners so go fuck yourselfs. Dont judge a book by its cover. you people dont even know. O and you think were pussies why dont you come down here and see how much of pussies we really are.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 April, 2010 12:59  

  • Kansas has one of the third wealthiest counties in the United States. Right after Orange County. So people are trying to leave Kansas? Hardly. There are parts of Kansas that many could not afford to live in. Try and get your facts straight before you deride something you know nothing about. It does not reflect well on yourself or your intelligence.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 May, 2010 01:25  

  • Okay...I am from Kansas and I agree %100 with everything about anything said against Kansas. I do have to say though. The country is very peaceful, but the people are racist, ignorant, arrogant, incest, dumb mother fuckers. Trust me, I know! Don't go to Kansas to meet great new people, go to Kansas to enjoy the great views.

    4:20 for life.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 June, 2010 13:00  

  • I'm from western kansas and I am not ignorant, racist, incest, or dumb. You in fact are the ignorant bastard. Most people that come to Kansas enjoy the views. You wont see a sunrise or sunset like a Kansas one. I am not liberal either. I am not a hippie. You are a fucking idiot and you are the type that gives Kansans a bad name.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 June, 2010 03:05  

  • Hey i live in kansas!! and let me tell you yes it dose suck that much, it has the most violent greedy past i have yet to know!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 June, 2010 00:24  

  • eh? What do you mean Kansas isn't progressive? We just got our first blacktop about 10 miles from here. It's a pretty sweet road, no more gullies when it rains.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 July, 2010 23:09  

  • I hardly think Kansas sucks. I live here. It isn't all tornadoes and "yellow brick roads" Dorthy, we ARE in Kansas. Our farmland provides most of that bread that you all bring to your tables. Maize, a city barely North of Wichita is building its 6th school so that it can keep its population in school. Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, has museums galore. The Kansas Cosmosphere has more NASA artifacts than anyone can imagine. Anyone ever heard of the "Air Capital of the World?" Yep, you guessed it, KANSAS.

    By Blogger Bl4ckC4t, at 02 August, 2010 19:50  

  • Go Big Red!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 September, 2010 15:47  

  • i like KS

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 December, 2010 02:52  

  • Hi. where is that photo taken? do you know. thanks

    By Blogger m, at 15 December, 2010 02:53  

  • everyone who hates kansas suck balls

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 March, 2011 14:19  

  • i'm surprised nobody has talked about Lawrence yet i've lived there for two years and don't think i could ever want to leave!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 May, 2011 15:29  

  • Lived in KS for 30 years, it does indeed suck, headed to colorado as soon as my kids are grown!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 December, 2011 18:18  

  • I live in Kansas. It sucks. They are behind the rest of the country concerning laws and personal freedoms and everyone here cheers it on. Don't believe me? Just look at the knife carry laws which are so vague that interpretation is completely up to the officer. The term used is anything that can be used as a dangerous weapon, this law was created in 1800s and no one has updated it. Basically, if you happen to have a sharp stick on you , and the officer doesn't like how you look, you will probably be arrested for carrying a dangerous weapon. This is just one example. Kansas is way behind the curve. Go to Colorado where personal freedom is celebrated!

    By Blogger jason, at 07 May, 2012 13:22  

  • Everyone here defending Kansas is a liar, I have lived in Wichita for 10 years- NEVER IN MY LIFE- have I ever seen an American city/state so Hell bent on destroying art, culture, education and minorities, if you ever need to do a college paper on what life was like in the 1950's, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE. The most stuck up, self righteous, rude, godless place I have ever known, they CALL it the Bible Belt, but these people have no mind for God, everything here is just another way to try to prove how much better they are than everyone else, churches rarely even try to help the homeless here, too busy with bake sales and football practice. After 10 years of being stuck here, I have decided that I will either leave next year, or take my own life- I'm not kidding, I think about it everyday, but I won't let them win. I am out of here. I sincerely hope God doesn't judge them like they do everyone else. REMEMBER, if you hear people saying (it's great, nice place) they are lying, you were warned.

    By Blogger THE GAMING MATRIX, at 16 November, 2012 00:20  

  • I lived in KS for 20 years. I recently returned to New England and am still getting used to people being polite, intelligent, informed, and interested in anything other than how wonderful they think they are, and sports. For two decades I was bullied, at times forced to work illegal hours, saw total depravity, and behavior similar to Nazis. Make note of the spelling from those defending KS. The people were snobby, arrogant, mean, totally ignorant, and puny minded. It is basically heaven here. I served my time in Purgatory.

    By Blogger Specterz K, at 16 December, 2012 20:25  

  • The fact they voted for Romney says it all - Fox News sheeple, with the will to research nothing but football statistics. Although KS was union, the mentality I endured for 20 years was confederate-neanderthal-redneck bullying. I didn't know people could behave like that.

    By Blogger Specterz K, at 16 December, 2012 20:30  

  • I lived in Wichita, Kansas from '72 to '85 / '93-95 / 99 and then Lawrence in 2000 and back to Wichita '01-'05. In between those years I spent my other time in Seattle. As you can see I attempted to give Wichita a try. When I initially left and went to Seattle it was for school. Obtained my bs & ms and opened a restaurant in 1992 in Seattle (it's still there and doing well) and then returned to Wichita to buy a restaurant for sale. Because I remained single until I was 40 I was able to go back and forth and do as I please.
    To open a restaurant and maintain it in Seattle is so time consuming and expensive it would boggle your mind. I own the restaurant outright in Seattle whereas the one in Wichita I sold in 2005. I am selling the one in Seattle in about 2 years (its jan. 2013 right now)
    Anyhow....I mention all this to give some background on who is writing this comment. Dealing with the restaurant in Wichita was plainly just one of the most stupid endeavors I have ever endured. The people there are juvenile and naive to the point of being dangerous. Everyone is sheltered to the point that attempting to have a conversation with them about anything almost requires an act of attrition. I travel everywhere now and have as a restaurant critic and now reside in Madison Wisconsin. The most horrible people I have ever met in my life reside in Wichita Kansas. Vapid, empty eyed, moronic, child like, fantasy believing, overly conservative, puny, arrogant imbeciles....the lot of them.
    Most say they are christian. A laugh. More lies I could not fathom.
    Seattle isn't great anymore by the way and Madison, like everywhere else, is becoming overcrowded, but Wichita is in a league all its own.
    Gritty, windy, humid and ugly....just like its people.

    By Blogger John Madison, at 30 January, 2013 08:26  

  • If you ever want to move to an area where snitches rule the land, anyone not of sister fucking backgrounds are treated like shit and bullying is the only way to prove the sky is blue then Kansas is where you want to be. People around here lie and talk shit and god forbid anyone else even has an opinion. They say its a repub state but the truth is it's nothing but a libtard hoig fucking free loading meth head nirvana. FUCK KANSAS AND ITS METH HEAD HORSE IT ROAD IN ON!

    From, 99ways2die (AKA) nintynine waystodie, Facebook

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 March, 2013 13:29  

  • John Madison said...

    I agree 100%

    Specterz K said...

    Hey fuck head! Obama night dumb fuck! Obama has destroyed this country! The Bushes where in fact shit for sure but guess what! at least when Romney left Mass. he started with a debt and left with a surplus. Obama started Chicago with a debt and left with a higher debt just as he is now and only a socialist PIG thinks Obama is a president at all let alone a good one! Fuck you piece of shit! It's fuck faces like you who treat the country like a football game only in it to see "Your guy" win that fucked up this country you piece of shit! FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR HERO OBAMA you socialist commy FUCK! Typical Kansas DUMB FUCK! FUCK YOU! Herman Cain would have been the man to chose but all you assholes just want free shit while every one else works to support your lazy ass cock sucker!

    From, 99ways2die (AKA) nintynine waystodie, Facebook

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 March, 2013 13:35  

  • Kansas home of the meth heads and where dumbass bullies never grew out of high school. Kansas libtards best skills are, Making meth, spreading lies and rumors about others they never met and making the ones that fuck them over their best friends while the ones that never hurt them at all are excused as garbage. Fuck Kansas.

    From, 99ways2die (AKA) nintynine waystodie, Facebook

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 March, 2013 13:45  

  • The Big Professor said...

    Right and that Progressive just keeps taxing the shit out of them more and putting them farther in debt. Arnold was a piece of shit but voting in a liberal fucktard hasnt helped them at all LOL Are you this stupid?! You fucking morons think this country is a football game, it dont matter how bad they suck as long as your guy is in there and wins! At least it was announced Kansas's Gov. is looking to LOWER taxes. That's allot more then anyone can say out of any Democunt lately. You libtards and your stupidity is sickening. Ever since NObama took over all I hear is Dems looking to fuck shit up, they you retards cheer, then as soon as THEIR plan goes through and shit goes to hell YOU blame everyone else. FUCK YOU MORONS! I'm so sick of Democunts at this point I can't even call myself independent anymore. Now I just say one side fucks us over and gets the retards to cheer and the other side just lays on their back and lets Libtards walk all over them, fuck all of you morons and Kansas is NO exception, fact its the worst piece of shit there is. If there was aliens up in the sky YOU would be the reason they don't bother to stay. "NO INTELLIGENT LIFE!"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 March, 2013 14:00  

  • i dun livd in kaynsus fir all my lyfe itz thuh besd stayt en thuh intyre kuntry my grandady dun livd in Kaynzuz all hiz lyfe to but he dun vizited neww yurk sity wonce an toad me thad Kaynzuz iz mutch bedder becoz them pepulz in new yurk sity wur atheeztz an thuh men folk wur all kweers thad heeld hayndz wit udder men in thuh streetz ad leest in kaynsus we don agsept pepul beein fayguts bekoz it mayks thuh baybee jezuz kry i lyke kaynsuz bekoz we beleev in baybee jezuz hear an no thad won day weel all go to hevun for prayin an beelevin in thuh bybul an dooin onezt wurk i don wanuh see anee mor liburuls moovin hear an tryin to kurrupt our childrun

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 April, 2013 02:40  

  • Cali girl for 32 years, moved to Kansas 2 years ago. Yes, it sucks every bit as much as people assume. I cannot wait to leave this hellhole and I won't be coming back

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 July, 2013 10:23  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger nintynine waystodie, at 13 October, 2013 23:45  

  • And notice all the people in defense of Kansas have LIVED HERE ALL THEIR LIVES and are mostly inbreeding with their brothers and sisters AND have the vocabulary of a dumbass so all they can say is "You losers picking on us poor Kansas folk." You make people uncomfortable just moving here some ones gonna hate. If you can't stand the fact that maybe you deserve the hate you're getting, then maybe the problem is just you. Oh and one other thing, how come this state is like 90% racists but yet all you ever see are rednecks hanging out with a bunch of Wiggers? How is not ok black people are into rap and dress all baggy but no one seems to have an issue with whitey? And their all thieving ass meth heads, most of them coming from a pretty good financial back ground, but god forbid some one calls them out on it with out their friends and family going all gangsta on your ass. Fucking posers LOL Aint none of these Wiggers even been in the big city but they act all hood LMAO!

    From 99ways2die

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 October, 2013 23:47  

  • [Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm from western kansas and I am not ignorant, racist, incest, or dumb. You in fact are the ignorant bastard. Most people that come to Kansas enjoy the views. You wont see a sunrise or sunset like a Kansas one. I am not liberal either. I am not a hippie. You are a fucking idiot and you are the type that gives Kansans a bad name.

    10 June, 2010 03:05]

    And as soon as they realize how fake the people are, how many lies are spread about them their first week being here and how fake the hospitality is where you're all smiling to the faces of people then talking SHIT as soon as their backs turned, they figure they had enough of the view and they just want to go back home.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 October, 2013 00:01  

  • I would like to point out the obvious here, all of these people that lived in KS and claim everyone is arrogant, moronic, rude,etc are complete retards and probably deserved every bit of bullying and torment they received. How can you liberals even keep on living without blowing your brains out? I would think you'd at least have the brains to realize how dumb you are after taking a few minutes to actually THINK. All I ever hear from these politically correct asswipes is that generalizations are bad, prejudices are bad, discrimination is wrong, and what do you know they're the biggest generalizers, and discriminators in the country. Biggest hypocrites to ever scourge the planet. Some people got picked on by some redneck assholes and all of a sudden everyone in KS is like that? Kansas might have some stupid people running the government but who doesn't? Government itself is completely immoral and a crime against the natural rights of us all. 30% of the country buttfucks the other 70%. Yeah you faggots think Obama won with the vote of the majority, think again, most people don't vote, only the wackiest libs and repubs vote. That's why our country is shit. And all you fuck heads are part of it. Go kill yourselves please

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 December, 2013 23:59  

  • One more thing. A large portion of people in KS are introverts. Introverted people do not need all your fancy diners and beaches, or useless clothes and gadgets. They have the power of their own mind. Something you morons will never be able to take. I live in KS and I for one don't hate it here. I would feel the same wherever I went. The majority of my pleasure and enjoyment comes from toying with ideas and thoughts in my mind. You don't need mountains for that. Have fun being completely dependent on the outside world, the only thing that makes you happy, and when you don't get what you want and you're sitting there alone in silence and you can't stand it because the silence brings the dreaded thinking, oh how painful it must be for a moron to realize they're a worthless piece of crap, I'll be sitting here in KS not worrying about a damn thing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 December, 2013 00:16  

  • This coming from a person on a computer who also most likely has the latest in technology of Cell Phone equipment and has children on the Ipad every damn hour of every day while you all use Ipods and haven't used a CD in 10 years. Seriously I still run XP, don't bother with Cell Phones now that AT&T has the market here and I couldn't tell you the first thing about an Ipod and fancy dinners? LOL Ok there speedy, I'm more of a Charcoal grill guy thanks you. And you don't think for yourselves, most of you haven't created anything at all, the most creative I see around here is what walmart shoes goes with this shirt? Anyone who is creative you demonize and treat like a social pariah unless of course it's your relatives and though I agree with you Obamas a total piece of shit here you are longing for another republican when Bush Sr. in 1991 bragged about rolling in a New World Order and it's the same one Hitler was trying to, that every communist leader is calling for and the very same one that Obamas right hand man Biden called for just a couple months ago. You dumbases and the Libtards are all looking for the same ending and to stupid to see that both sides are playing the same game and both are the winners because they are using all of you as chess pieces. Just shut up.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2014 22:41  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 December, 2013 23:59

    I would like to point out the obvious here, all of these people that lived in KS and claim everyone is arrogant, moronic, rude,etc are complete retards and probably deserved every bit of bullying and torment they received. How can you liberals even keep on living without blowing your brains out? I would think you'd at least have the brains to realize how dumb you are after taking a few minutes to actually THINK. All I ever hear from these politically correct asswipes is that generalizations are bad, prejudices are bad, discrimination is wrong, and what do you know they're the biggest generalizers, and discriminators in the country. Biggest hypocrites to ever scourge the planet.


    Here's the obvious asshole, if you can't get over the fact you aren't in high school anymore and grow the fuck up and stop bullying people just for moving in to your meth head waste of space that OBVIOUSLY allot of people who have been here have seen the same thing, then I guess maybe you should go kill yourselves so others can get on with their lives. You people want to complain about us making Kansas look bad? Well it's this simple, stop going out of your way to ruin peoples lives and quit being and teaching your inbred horse sexing kids to act just like your sociopolitical asses. What a great human being you are to blame the victims. That is very LIBERAL of you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2014 22:47  

  • Oops, forgot to tag that last one,,,

    99ways2die (AKA) Ninetynine waystodie Facebook

    And by the way, it's not JUST the rednecks, same is to be said for your poser Wigger kids as well. But since you both acty so much alike it does raise the question, why the hell are you all so racist? Gang violence, Lynch mob it's all the same.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2014 22:50  

  • [Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm from western kansas and I am not ignorant, racist, incest, or dumb. You in fact are the ignorant bastard. Most people that come to Kansas enjoy the views. You wont see a sunrise or sunset like a Kansas one. I am not liberal either. I am not a hippie. You are a fucking idiot and you are the type that gives Kansans a bad name.

    10 June, 2010 03:05]


    Ok so here's the thing, I never said people didn't enjoy the Views, I said after dealing with YOU PEOPLE they get tired of the views and want to go home. ssSSSOOOoooo THAT comment you made just shows who the ignorant one is. Plus it is most the reason you paranoid idiots are so fun to be around. You always twist around what you see, hear and read because you are so cloudy headed with all the drug addictions (Legal and illegal) you can't get anything right, and that's the the worst of it, even the ones that aren't on drugs are sociopathic and should be because you actually aren't happy unless you get some one in trouble with your Lynch Mobs. I'm 35 years old, never in my life have I ever felt the need to just go after the new guy in town, not once have I ever got my friends to be a little thug about stupid shit just to form a Lynch Mob on some one and when people moved into town I never once judged a person over over money, the way they dressed, fact I knew rednecks before I moved here and none of them where as big of assholes as in this state. It's not hospitable at all. It's just a bunch of douchebags out for them selves talking about people behind their back and when they get caught they get their stupid little friends involved to have their backs so they don't look guilty to their friends they just use to keep having their back when ever they feel like causing problems with others and no balls to go after anyone with big inbreeder families or bigger then them selves physically. Instead you always go after people that are way smaller and you constantly run your mouths to make it impossible with BS stories that some one did some thing back in a time that they didn't even live anywhere near this state but you where arrested and went to jail anyway according to the red neck mafia when they never even heard that persons name before the day that person moved in. I do believe you might be one of those people That's your problem, not mine :) I leave the real shit talking to the professionals. Thanks for playing.

    99ways2die (AKA) Ninetynine waystodie Facebook

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2014 23:05  

  • As someone who grew up in kansas and still lives here, I can honestly say it is a good place to live the schools are good the people are nice and kind and look out for each other and help each other. And it is a good place to raise a family at least in the town I live in, our farmland provides most of that bread that y'all bring to your tables. The Cosmosphere has one of the largest collections of NASA artifacts and space related stuff in the country and has one of the few IMAX theaters. And there is no sunrise or sunset like a Kansas one and we have tons of car shows, rodeos( and a bull riding arena ) and a lot of cool little restaurants. My town of Hutchinson also has a awesome fair and we are the town that superman's hometown small ville was based on and we have a cool underground salt museum that holds the original costumes of many super hero's including superman as well as a lot of the original reels for movies like Star Wars, Wizard of Oz and other classics. Like any state though it depends on what part of the state you live in some parts are bad some parts are good, just depends so instead of yelling hurtful comments or saying we are idiots, racists and the like get out of from behind your computers and actually come and see for yourself instead of judging us by looking at videos and pictures. And by the way we could a rats ass what you think of us so your comments are not really doing much have a nice day.

    By Blogger evan stokely, at 09 August, 2014 19:08  

  • Notice everyone defending Kansas, about all they have is there are nice views and Barley and wheat. Then you got Cali over here talking shit and Cali don't count, those dumbass Liberals have turned it into such a shit hole people don't even go there to be famous anymore but they got great weed and that is their #1 defense. In other words farms, and nothing. But now let's go back a little bit, notice the arrogance from the people, "You hate Kansas you fuck bottom hole". This is the kind of shit I mean, arrogant brain dead hicks that still think an Iphone is some weird ass can opener and they still think lynch mobs are cool! On top of that they think Lynch mobs are different then black gangs. They say they aren't racist bull shit, not when some one of a different race is around, as soon as they leave watch the racism fly. I'm no liberal but if you want to talk about intolerant
    Kansas is the place to be for that. If you don't look like you just left walmart with their most comfortable flannel and you haven't been under a tractor all day long then you can't go anywhere with out being labeled a piece of shit, everyone just for being short is labeled a faggit because they don't have the balls to pick on some one who is gay their own size and these fucking clowns around here are the biggest know it alls of America, Still bent on TV Media to make them Political experts. They all have computers but no one knows how to use them or fix them when some thing goes wrong, and FUCK LIBERALS AND FUCK NEO-CONS THE LIKE! These idiots around here don't have the brains god Promised a Turkey, all you ever hear out of their stupid ass mouths are Well Fox News said, well CNN said and I read the news paper so I'm all caught up. TRY LEARNING YOUR COMPUTERS AND LEARN SOME FUCKING HISTORY! JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE GO TO THE DEVIL FOR KNOWLEDGE DON'T MAKE KNOWLEDGE THE DEVIL!

    Then you got these city people Oh GOD! Thinking because they have a Hip Hop CD and a Sub in the trunk they live out in LA. All you hear is Niger niger niger , whitey whitey whitey SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU KKK AND BLACK PANTHER NAZI'S! But face to face they're best fucking friends like they grew up together and shared their first kiss.

    And seriously what kind of brain dead fucking retarded moron says "Jesus died for my sins so that means I get to do what I want and go to heaven but still think Jesus only died for their sins so it's there job to be on a mission from god and judge everyone else from first glance? That isn't stupidity? Pfft please, God would rather take an Atheist that at least means well by people and don't judge everyone else then take you morons who do nothing but break every code in the Bible and use that fucking excuse, YOU'RE RETARDED THAT'S WHY SOME ONE MAKE THIS BLOG ABOUT YOU! FIGURE IT OUT MORONS!

    Stabbing people in the back and lying about other people so so you can get your own little white thug gang culture started is not your god given right! Only meth heads and brain dead idiots with no thought process thinks that shit works. Fuck you! Ok Sling blades??

    Keep in mind if you're the (About) 10% of Kansas that isn't a total fucking brain dead shit eating hog fucker, I'm not talking to you.

    ninetynine waystodie Facebook

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2015 04:37  

  • Idiots voted in Brownback now the whole corrupt republican legislature is trying to impeach the judges, as well as bankrupt the state. Vote these creeps out of office. It's your land only if you take it back.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 March, 2016 07:46  

  • are a backwards, inbred abomination. Within its borders exists a cesspool of intolerant morons with a government that routinely craps on personal freedoms. Truth: the rights of a Kansan more closely resemble that of a citizen of a third world dictatorship (such as North Korea) than Colorado right next door.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 April, 2016 18:47  

  • Anonymous, at 16 April, 2016 18:47

    You know what? I am going to defend Kansas on one thing and that's about all. You know what Kansas has those Liberal cry baby states you're so proud of don't have? Minorities walking the same streets streets, working for a living with everyone else and knowing their fathers.

    We don't have Government funded Ghettos here. We have some shitty cities that not only the minorities act retarded and get arrested all the time but whites do as well. We still have free cultures but with that we also have allot of meth and everyone is susceptible to getting involved.

    And as bad as meth is every ones invited, unlike your Libtard areas that hide the minorities in ghettos while they live in impoverished cities off of table scraps while you pretend to give a shit about them for the media in your bull shit protests when while the cameras are off and the media goes home you take a broom stick and shove the minorities out of your StarBucks because those loving food cards you supply them don't cover it.

    And as much as I hate Kansas, I will stick up for them on that. We don't have a minority problem here, we simply have a stupid people making stupid decisions problem. But we do have allot of minorities and they live here way better than in your Libtard areas where they are shoved in the back to only be paid attention to when a cameras around.

    So please. Say some thing else stupid.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 April, 2016 04:41  

  • Soooooo true. Dumbest people almost anywhere in America reside in Kansas.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 October, 2016 20:00  

  • Born and raised in Wichita and would not trade my upbringing there for anything. Moved out of state at 21 and back twice; the last being the final time I plan to visit. Wichita is a funny little place; everyone concerned about what you have and how you got it. People love to talk about others in Wichita because they have no real life of their own. It is hot, cold, windy, humid, and storm ridden. Everything evolves around eating out because that's what you do; so you have something to talk about of course. I really have tried to love Wichita, but maybe the ol saying is true; you just cant go home. Unless you have no choice, make a better one.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 April, 2017 23:59  

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